Welcome to Kaiser!


A school year passes quickly and every moment counts. As soon as students arrived, we began the process of checking their reading and mathematics proficiency levels so we can address their unique needs while also providing the required curriculum. Everyone who witnesses the detail and care that goes into creating plans for over 700 students recognizes the phenomenal job that Kaiser teachers do day in and day out. While we continue to monitor student achievement, we now have added a focus on additional supports and enrichment to meet students' needs. We are well into the academic groove.


Parents often ask what they can do to support student achievement. The list is simple:


1) Read with your child daily and ask questions about the story/book. Examples of questions include the following: Who is the story about? What has happened so far? What's your favorite part so far? What do you think will happen next - and what does the story say that makes you think this?


2) When your student has word problems in math, read the problems and decipher what your student needs to figure out.


3) Have your student practice math facts every day. One way to do this is to go through all that your student should know by now once per week (for example, third graders are in the process of learning them but students in grades 4 - 6 should know their multiplication facts through 12). Separate the facts your student knows from the ones yet to be mastered. Then, work on a few of the ones yet to be mastered every day - try to group them (keep the 3's together, the 7's together, etc.). This makes practice much less overwhelming. Kaiser uses a fun online resource called Reflex Math to help students gain mastery with math facts. Another way that your student can practice is by using Reflex Math at home.


4) Check to see that your student is showing his or her work when figuring out math problems. Also, checking that the work is neat, lined up, and legible is extra helpful. 


5) When your student is stumped and you are too, simply jot a note on the homework for the teacher. 


One of our school's great strengths is the commitment families have to student achievement. We appreciate the effort you put in to your student's success - it truly makes a difference!


Please be sure to check out the weekly Principal's Message and follow us on Twitter @kaiserknights for handy, helpful, and happy information about campus life. Also, the PFO and KWSF always appreciate parent involvement - parents often discover that they take away even more than they contribute. Jump in! The "water's" fine!


Deborah Granger, Ed.D.