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Kaiser Elementary School

Newport-Mesa Unified School District

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    School Closure | Distance Learning: Updated 5/28/2020

    NMUSD schools are currently closed.

    Our district will continue with Distance Learning through the 2019/2020 school year and schools will not physically re-open until further notice.

    Learn More -  School Closure - Distance Learning Webpage (updated 5/28/2020)



    Attendance Line

    Call (949) 515-6852 to report absences no later than 9:00 am

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    Principal's Message

    Greetings, Kaiser Families!

    I know. We must be crazy. BUT, we are going to attempt Kaiser's first ever pre-recorded Talent Show!

    If your Knight is interested in participating, here's what s/he needs to do:

    1) Prepare ONE video that is 2 minutes or less. This video is both the audition tape as well as the performance if it is selected.

    2) Post the video as UNLISTED to YouTube. This means that only people who have the link can view it. 3)Send the link to Mr. Topete and me at and

    4) In the email with the YouTube link, please provide the student's name, teacher's name, the title of the performance, and a short description of the performance.

    Here's an example:

    Student's Name:  Josie Martinez
    Teacher's Name: Mr. Timpani
    Title of Performance: "Fly Me to the Moon"
    Short Description: Tumbling routine to the song, "Fly Me to the Moon"

    Parents, you are the first vetters of the performance.  When the link is sent to us, you're telling us that it is school appropriate (ok for 8 year olds to watch) and that you approve it possibly being posted so that all Kaiser students and families can watch it. The video needs to be made between now and June 9th. 

    When we at Kaiser share the link to the actual Talent Show, it will be an Unlisted YouTube link. If you submit a link to your child's performance, you are telling us that you understand that anyone with the link can view the performance and you approve this. Additionally, you are telling us that you understand that when we share the Talent Show link during the last week of school, anyone who acquires the link can watch the Talent Show. If your child's performance is included, you approve this.

    This is an opportunity for students to showcase talents that might not be able to be included during a traditional school talent show. We have students who ride horses, are competitive divers, etc.

    Mr. Topete and I will review all entries that meet the time limit and are submitted by midnight, June 9th. We will announce the winners by Friday, June 12th. The link will be shared by classroom teachers during the last week of the school year for students to watch.

    When we announce students' names, we will not include last names. 

    Kaiser's got TONS OF TALENT! We can't wait to see it!

    Be well! Elbow bumps to you all!
    Deborah Granger



    Kaiser Elementary

    Kaiser knights C.A.R.E.!

    Kaiser Elementary School is the home of the Kaiser Knights – noble in thought, word, and deed. Our mission is to build a community of life-long learners who consistently demonstrate Common sense, Accountability, Respect, and that Everyone matters (C.A.R.E.). As a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (P.B.I.S.) Silver Level school, our students, staff, and families are united in providing Kaiser students with a foundation for success as students and young people in an ever-changing world.

    You will find that our expectations are high and that they are matched by our support in achieving them. It is our intention that when Kaiser students move up to intermediate and high school, they will be powerful thinkers with a strong knowledge base, skill set, sense of creativity, and commitment to community. In other words, Kaiser Knights are 21st century global citizens who C.A.R.E.! As we progress through the year, you can anticipate hearing and seeing more and more evidence of C.A.R.E. at Kaiser! When on campus, be sure to take a peek at our C.A.R.E. tree mural on the back of the library!