Kaiser Elementary School is the home of the Kaiser Knights – noble in thought, word, and deed. Our mission is to build a “community of life-long learners.” In addition to our dedicated staff and bright students, Kaiser also is surrounded by a community of families that care deeply about the academic and life success of our students.

You will find that our expectations are high and that they are matched by our support in achieving them. It is our intention that when Kaiser students move up to intermediate and high school, they will be powerful thinkers with a strong knowledge base, skill set, sense of creativity, and commitment to community. In other words, Kaiser Knights are 21stcentury global citizens.


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It’s difficult to think that four short weeks ago, students and families were on summer break and that our teachers were about to officially return for the opening of school! Next week will be October and all the excitement that comes along with autumn (better known as the windy season here in southern California).


In addition to some of the highlights of the past week as well as the fifth week of the school year, this week’s message contains important information about our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. Before moving onto anything else, please be sure to save Tuesday evening for your family’s pizza night! PFO is holding a fundraiser at Sgt. Pepperoni’s – yum!


With great thanks to our PFO, all Kaiser students ended the fourth week of school with arts enrichment through the Art Masters program. Students and staff alike got “gussied up” for school picture day on Thursday and third graders were introduced to orchestral music with the “Music Mobile.” Marc Africano, Kaiser’s new Assistant Principal, was presented to the school board on Tuesday evening – we look forward to Mr. Africano joining our staff once his current teaching position is filled.


During the upcoming week, we look forward to classroom Art Masters lessons and field trips to the Orange County Museum of Art for fourth grade students.  On Friday, Kaiser students will elect this year’s Student Council Officers! Candidates will present their speeches on Friday morning and election victors will be announced at the end of the day. Every child who puts him/herself forward as a candidate is a true winner!


About GATE Testing…


The GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) testing process for students in grades 3 – 5 begins each school year in September when parents of third graders receive GATE testing permission slips. Additionally, beginning in October, teachers look at students’ behaviors and work for evidence of gifted characteristics. For a list of these GATE characteristics, please go the http://web.nmusd.us and then click on departments and scroll to GATE.


ALL 3rd graders are eligible for GATE testing. Parents, if you signed a GATE testing permission slip on or around Back to School Night in September, your child is ready for testing. For a 4th or 5th grader to qualify for testing, their teacher or their parent/guardian must first recommend the student. See your child’s teacher to request testing.  For students who have taken the test once before, please note the following NMUSD requirements:

  • If tested prior to this year in NMUSD, they must have a GATE placement score that is at least in the 80th percentile.

  • A student may take the test up to two times. He/she may not take the test a 3rd time.

  • If tested, the student will take the same test type as in the prior year. There are two test possibilities; one is intended specifically for English learners.


    The GATE test takes place after Winter Break. There is no special preparation required. Parents of students identified as Gifted and Talented receive notification before the school year ends. GATE students are placed with a GATE certified teacher during the following school year.  After the school year is under way, Kaiser’s GATE teachers host an informational meeting for parents. This year’s meeting will be announced soon. Please check for more GATE information as the school year progresses by clicking on “Programs” on the Kaiser website. Then, select GATE from the drop-down menu options. Please feel free to contact me with GATE questions at any time!


    Have a wonderful week!


Helpful School Day Information!

Kaiser Elementary School looks forward to welcoming its new and returning students to the 2014-2015 school year on Tuesday, September 2nd. To help make the transition from summer and previous school experiences, we at Kaiser would like to share some logistics of the school day.


Breakfast: Our daily breakfast program begins at 8:10 am. Participating students will be directed to the campus entrance gate closest to the cafeteria. On warm, sunny days students eat breakfast and lunch in the large outdoor lunch area with the red canopy. When it turns cold and rainy, meals will be indoors.


Arrival Time and Traveling to Class: The school day begins at 8:35 am. We open the school gates at 8:20 am and ring a bell at 8:32 am, which lets students know that it is time to proceed to class. Between 8:10 and 8:32, students may eat breakfast and/or play in designated areas.


End of the School Day: On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the school day at Kaiser ends at 3:10 pm. On Wednesdays, the school day ends at 1:40 pm so teachers may participate in professional development and planning sessions.


Dropping off and Picking up from School: Because the Kaiser campus is so large, there are multiple entrances/exits available for student use in the morning and afternoon. Parents who drop off and pick up children from school are strongly encouraged to determine a consistent meeting place. Students are dismissed directly from their classrooms at the end of the school day so they may proceed to the most convenient exit.


For those using the main entrance or the entrance nearest the 4th grade wing, you can support a smooth and safe drop off/pick up by following these simple guidelines:


1. Enter the drop off/pick up area by creating a single line of vehicles alongside the campus buildings. Protect students from having to cross in front of other vehicles to come to you.


2. Enter the drop off/pick up area by making a right turn into the driveway from Santa Ana. Left turns into the parking area create significant traffic blockages.


3. If you need to exit your vehicle, park in a parking spot. Do not leave your vehicle while it is in line.


4. When exiting the parking area, please proceed especially slowly and carefully.


First Week of School: Parents are welcome to accompany their students onto campus during the first week. If you have a child in the breakfast program, you may sit with your child at the lunch area. If you arrive before the 8:32 bell, you can help show your youngster where the designated play/waiting area is (you’ll see the wide yellow lines separating the classroom areas from the play areas painted onto the blacktop). Then, when the readiness bell rings at 8:32, you are welcome to walk your child to his/her classroom door. Normally, we close and lock the gates as soon as the school day begins at 8:35 am to ensure student safety.


At that time, anyone entering the campus must come through the school office. However, during the first week of school, we will keep the gates open for a few extra minutes to provide parents time to leave campus after dropping off their students.


If you have any questions about school logistics, please be sure to contact the Kaiser Elementary School office at 949/515-6950.

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